Elite Dynamics Team Traveled to Top Leader's Conference

Elite Dynamics team members traveled to the top leader's conference in Dallas, Texas for training, networking, and staying on top of industry trends.

Recently, Elite Dynamics team member Jason attended a conference in Dallas, Texas for top industry leaders. He shared his experience networking, learning, and exploring the area with the rest of the team.

“The most important thing I took away from the conference was the realization that all the amazing owners I was meeting and listening to started exactly where I did,” shared Jason, a campaign manager with Elite Dynamics. “In our industry, we are promoted from within so that owners know the business from top to bottom, and this showed me exactly how far I could go if I want to. Everyone speaking referred to previous times they had attended the top leader’s Dallas conference earlier in their careers and it made me realize how influential this experience is for everyone going through the program.”
“I also realized that what we do is really simple, it just takes hard work and commitment to succeed,” continued Jason. “This means that what we can accomplish is totally up to us. The industry supports us with an amazing amount of knowledge, all for free. All we have to do is thirst for it.”

Travel: One Great Perk of Working With Elite Dynamics

“It was important to send Jason on this trip because I see a lot of potential in him,” shared Kaylie, the President of Elite Dynamics. “The top leader’s conference is essentially all the information he’ll need to grow into a management position handed to him. It will show him how easy it is to move his career forward as long as he invests time in himself.”

“Getting a chance to hear Trent Longo speak on the cycle of development was one of the highlights of the trip,” shared Jason. “He made it clear that it is up to every individual person to achieve their success but that we, as leaders, can support them by giving them education, guidance, and insight. He was a very direct speaker and I could sense the passion in his voice. It was funny to hear him go off on tangents because it showed that he truly cares about what he was speaking about. I think that was why he resonated with me so much.”

“Sending Jason to the conference has clearly inspired him to double down and take the next steps in his career,” said Kaylie. “I can’t wait to see how all his training and motivation pay off. I expect he’ll move our company forward as well as achieve great things personally.”

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